Thursday, March 26, 2009

Birds of a Feather

It seems things are changing times are tough every where. One thing most agree on is we can not keep this spending at the current levels, we do not have any money. But I know one place that seems to always be hiring. I posted this YouTube clip since Daniel sums it all up perfectly. All joking aside it is getting to be silly what these people are doing. The USA is following right in behind, increasing it's debt in 5-6 years as much as it has in 233 years, 43 Presidents. We do not have the money, it can only come from working people and we are taxed enough. It is time to cut programs, do the right thing. Lower taxes and that will infuse equity into this economy. But they like power and doing that does not allow they to tell you how, when and where to spend it.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Trillion Here Trillion There

Then soon we will be talking about real money like this years budget. They spend us into the abyss. I see nothing good in all this government spending and how it soon becomes addictive. Problem is the money comes from the people. Now the government will collect your money and give it back to you in services. It has been heading that way since Roosevelt and the 30s. But now Nancy, Harry and Obama want to put the petal to the metal and spends as much money as they can to get more government in our way of life.

Problem is then the government wants to tell you how you have to live your lives. They do that with how they provide you those services and whether or not you are really in need of those services. Government knows best and will take care of you.

Just look at the new budget and how Nancy is trying to ram this budget down the throats of the House with one vote. She is out of control and power hungry like her minion Harry Reid. Trillions, doubling our national debt. That is insane and not a fair minded person can leave that to our children. Obama does seem punch drunk, he is smart but way over his head. Or more of a concern he really knows what he is doing, if so. We are all in deep shit.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

American Apology

I hope our true friends in the U.K. do not think we are the uncouth and disrespectful people like our current President. I am not a huge fan of Gordon Brown but he is the leader of the U.K. and our countries have been close friends and allies for many years. It was total disrespect to return the bust of one of the greatest men of all time Winston Churchill. I was beside myself when I read the story in U.K. papers followed up on page 15 in our USA news media coverage. I am appalled and stunned this is not being covered more indepth than it is here in our country. This was as if a slap in the face of a friend, you just do not do stuff like this, not to civil people.

If you do not want something in the White House then have it placed in a prominent museum, you just do not ship a gift with such importance back to someone. What on earth are they doing up there? You put that with how the PM was treated and the shabby gifts we gave to Gordon and family on their first visit is just plain rude. No British flag, no major news conference, WTF? This is all just not what my country has been all about for well over 200+ years. You do not treat other people that way. It is a respect issue and it seems Obama is clueless or incompetent. At least in this case it is very clear he has issues when it comes to foreign affairs.

I wish it could be brought back to our country USPS and placed as mentioned and a apology sent with a meaningful exchange of worth to show what friendship is all about. What a total embarrassment to me and my country toward our good friends in the UK, please accept my apology, if Obama does not come forth and straighten this out. Not a good way to start off a new presidency.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Cincinnati Tea Party March 15th 2009

A gathering of people not happy with how our President wants to change how our system of government works. The event was a grass root effort to show displeasure with the amount of government spending.This was tax and spend protest by working tax payers. They want to tax us to death and our grand children, it is insane. Cincinnati Tea Party
There will be another event on April 15th, 2009 on Fountain Square. There at least 4000 people at this event. I think there is going to be many more at the next event. We will know more about the budget and how much and where they want to spend us into the abyss. There were at lot more today than I think most people expected. This only started a few weeks ago. Think as the word gets out how many more will go on April 15th.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Life's Priorities - My Family

It seems time moves more quickly when I started taking photographs again in 2001. I was given a HP318 by my Father in law for Christmas of 2000. He thought it was a bit pricey and wondered why I wanted a digital camera. My Canon Rebel had broken back in 1997 while on a trip to Disney World and for 3 years I just did not feel like taking pictures. Lots of things were happening back then in my life. New job, new house, my kids were taking more of our time. But digital got me back in the mood for photography. My passion returned for captured moments. I am not so sure my family was on board with my renewed passion. But I am glad I started it up again. Moments like these in Lakeside would be a memory, just not as vivid as a photo will rekindle the brain's memories. This was a last day on one of many trips to Lakeside where my wife grew up.

I find with ever passing day times seems to move faster. Ty is getting ready to head off to College and Max is not far behind. I wonder what it will be like in our home once the boys have moved on and started the adult phase of their lives. My sons are different in mood and how they seem to look at life. Much like my brother and myself. Looking back through my archives of pictures it brings back strong memories of my parents and what life was like when I was growing up. Life is Deer Park was typical Americana with kids on every street and people sitting out on porches late on summer nights to stay cool. Few people had air conditioning when I was a kid. Neighbors knew one another and often would talk to each other as they relaxed on front porches.

Time marches on and in some ways it brings new good things. In some ways it brings some not so good things. Times are a changing, it just seems it is picking up pace the older I get. I think things are changing faster than when I was younger. I wonder what life will be like for my kids when they get to be my age. I hope they are happy, one wish I have for them is to enjoy having some kids like them, they have been a pure joy and a reason for pride and enjoyment in my life. If you think about it in the end they really are the only thing I will leave behind that will last. Just like my parents, my heroes.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Almost Spring 2009

It was a very nice warm week end. It was nice to open the windows and let some fresh air in and get out in the yard and look around.. Make a check list for the spring and the contractor. Robb is going to be on a mission soon. We had some storms go through the area tonight and we got very little, it all went north and south of us. Not complaining, it did make for some nice skies, I took a few shots, they are still on my flash card. Rowe Woods 2007 or 08.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

This is Insane - Time for a Tea Party

Pictures are from a better time. While on a trip to Washington DC walking down the Mall. Took this picture of a man reaching for a friend. The other picture is a reflection of a couple people near me.

I can not believe our country has fallen further under Obama than it did under GB in one 1/2 year or less. The markets are rocking since they see no leadership. All they hear about is massive government spending and higher taxes on the "rich". That is going to pay for it all, or most of it. It is insane, he has no clue how economics works. They are winging it which makes the whole process gyrate downward. The man of "Hope" and "Change" has turned to doom and gloom.

Now the new insane idea Obama has while we are in the middle of a major crisis in the markets and banks. We can fix it by reforming health care *huh? is this a man who has a clue as to what is happening on main street America, or some out of touch Narcissistic Socialist who wants to use a crisis to advance a political agenda. It seems that is what is happening, all the while our country and International markets look to the USA for some guidance in this time of economic uncertain times.

The cure, huge tax credits for small companies and individuals. Kennedy used it in the 60's, Reagan used it in the 80's, It worked after 9/11. People and companies spend money and create jobs. Not the government, it has been proven by history. Look at Japan as a perfect example. I fear Obama's "Change" is not what most people had expected. The back lash is beginning, the tax payers and voters are starting grass root efforts to have real "Change" for everyone, our kids deserve it, it is not fair to let this happen to them. Historic times, which I hope turn out well for all.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ash Wednesday - Winter 2009

It has been a cold winter here in the Ohio Valley. More odd storms than I recall since I was younger. These things seem to go in cycles. Ash Wednesday was this week which is always a good sign spring can not be to far away. The days are cold and damp but not as bad as three and four weeks ago. I am tired of winter.

I am feeling old with my damn back hurting and can hardly do anything. If I move what even seem like light stuff I end up feeling sore. It is the kind of pain that is just there, can not really make it go away. Accidents and age do not mix well.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Senior Portrait

This is one of several I took this evening in my make shift studio. It is basically a wall and I arrange different lights. Nothing fancy, track lights and can ceiling lights on a dimmer. Ty kind of waited a while till he wanted to have his pictured taken, it all worked out in the end. Sharon is going to add some final touches and off to the year book it will go. This is not the one he likes, but I do. So at least it goes in my blog. His Mother also sent in a couple of pictures I took, one as a 1-2 year old, one age 18 playing in the band.

Time goes so quick, it seems like yesterday he was just a baby and enjoying trips to the Nature Center and not even in school yet. This fall he is off to OU and a whole new life. For everyone, me included. I got a little teary after the shoot and edit work. I told him how much I was going to miss him while giving him a big hug once he has gone away to college. The house will not seem the same. Max is three years away, time goes to quickly.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Heading Down River

Dave Swanson got me started on this and the more I read and the more I know about what our congress and Obama has passed as a stimulus bill has turned out to be one huge pork bill with a side order of relief to make it palatable for some people. My parents always taught me to save and not over spend, keep money for a rainy day and live within your means. Seems that is not what we should have done. We should have spent like fools, live in a huge house, rack up the credit card bills and wait for someone to bail us out, the rich. People who make for than $250,000.00 a year are now rich, and we will tax them to make up for the people who did not save, spent ever dime they had and now can no longer afford to live with tight money issues in our most current times. I will end up paying more for my kids college and taxes on our house and living so others who did not save can enjoy being stimulated.

All the spending seems to be going to people who do not pay taxes live off the tit of the government and now will enjoy welfare all over again. I thought we had learned that did not work? People are humans and if they can get something for nothing, many will, or try too. They voted in November and now they cash in, we will pay their house payments, give them tax refunds on money they never paid and make sure they are well fed and have a nice house over their heads. I think the story or saying Robbing Peter to Pay Paul will always get the support of Paul. Ie Obama voters. Maybe people will wake up and throw the ass holes out of congress in a couple of years and if we are lucky get people in there that will change this mess before the ball rolls dow the hill to fast. It happened in 1994, it can happen 2010.

I just can not believe 3 Republican Senators voted for this pile of crap. They did not even read it. One thing Ma & Pa always told me, never sign something you have not read. Well 60 did, and enough in the house to put the thing into law. Dave said it best we are *ucked