Sunday, February 22, 2009

Heading Down River

Dave Swanson got me started on this and the more I read and the more I know about what our congress and Obama has passed as a stimulus bill has turned out to be one huge pork bill with a side order of relief to make it palatable for some people. My parents always taught me to save and not over spend, keep money for a rainy day and live within your means. Seems that is not what we should have done. We should have spent like fools, live in a huge house, rack up the credit card bills and wait for someone to bail us out, the rich. People who make for than $250,000.00 a year are now rich, and we will tax them to make up for the people who did not save, spent ever dime they had and now can no longer afford to live with tight money issues in our most current times. I will end up paying more for my kids college and taxes on our house and living so others who did not save can enjoy being stimulated.

All the spending seems to be going to people who do not pay taxes live off the tit of the government and now will enjoy welfare all over again. I thought we had learned that did not work? People are humans and if they can get something for nothing, many will, or try too. They voted in November and now they cash in, we will pay their house payments, give them tax refunds on money they never paid and make sure they are well fed and have a nice house over their heads. I think the story or saying Robbing Peter to Pay Paul will always get the support of Paul. Ie Obama voters. Maybe people will wake up and throw the ass holes out of congress in a couple of years and if we are lucky get people in there that will change this mess before the ball rolls dow the hill to fast. It happened in 1994, it can happen 2010.

I just can not believe 3 Republican Senators voted for this pile of crap. They did not even read it. One thing Ma & Pa always told me, never sign something you have not read. Well 60 did, and enough in the house to put the thing into law. Dave said it best we are *ucked


  1. The same is happening in the UK.
    Thank God we get to vote our current P.M. out of office next year. The trouble is that by then it will be too late.