Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Senior Portrait

This is one of several I took this evening in my make shift studio. It is basically a wall and I arrange different lights. Nothing fancy, track lights and can ceiling lights on a dimmer. Ty kind of waited a while till he wanted to have his pictured taken, it all worked out in the end. Sharon is going to add some final touches and off to the year book it will go. This is not the one he likes, but I do. So at least it goes in my blog. His Mother also sent in a couple of pictures I took, one as a 1-2 year old, one age 18 playing in the band.

Time goes so quick, it seems like yesterday he was just a baby and enjoying trips to the Nature Center and not even in school yet. This fall he is off to OU and a whole new life. For everyone, me included. I got a little teary after the shoot and edit work. I told him how much I was going to miss him while giving him a big hug once he has gone away to college. The house will not seem the same. Max is three years away, time goes to quickly.


  1. Great portrait. He's a fine young man. No wonder you are so proud of him.

    The idea of Sam leaving home in less than 5 years time makes my stomach clench up inside. How does it all go so fast?

  2. Time indeed flies. Pretty soon it will be grand kids.

  3. 5 years seems like for ever to me. I wish I could turn time back, got to work on my math for that ...

  4. I'm not sure I want the reminder...

    I like this shot too - there is something both innocent and mischievous in it.

    He really has changed int he past few years - the good looking kid is looking a lot more like a man.

  5. He better be older, college starts in a few months. Moves in Labor day week end. It will be a big step for him and a big one for us. I will miss having him around.