Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ash Wednesday - Winter 2009

It has been a cold winter here in the Ohio Valley. More odd storms than I recall since I was younger. These things seem to go in cycles. Ash Wednesday was this week which is always a good sign spring can not be to far away. The days are cold and damp but not as bad as three and four weeks ago. I am tired of winter.

I am feeling old with my damn back hurting and can hardly do anything. If I move what even seem like light stuff I end up feeling sore. It is the kind of pain that is just there, can not really make it go away. Accidents and age do not mix well.

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  1. I'm also ready for winter to end... I called camp today and the trailer is moved, but all the other stuff is still on the lot.. they told me that the guy wants $250 for the deck.. I told them no, because we'd have to replace the sagging roof and it needs a good coat of paint. they said they will move it off the lot.. this is getting old.. like me...