Monday, March 23, 2009

Trillion Here Trillion There

Then soon we will be talking about real money like this years budget. They spend us into the abyss. I see nothing good in all this government spending and how it soon becomes addictive. Problem is the money comes from the people. Now the government will collect your money and give it back to you in services. It has been heading that way since Roosevelt and the 30s. But now Nancy, Harry and Obama want to put the petal to the metal and spends as much money as they can to get more government in our way of life.

Problem is then the government wants to tell you how you have to live your lives. They do that with how they provide you those services and whether or not you are really in need of those services. Government knows best and will take care of you.

Just look at the new budget and how Nancy is trying to ram this budget down the throats of the House with one vote. She is out of control and power hungry like her minion Harry Reid. Trillions, doubling our national debt. That is insane and not a fair minded person can leave that to our children. Obama does seem punch drunk, he is smart but way over his head. Or more of a concern he really knows what he is doing, if so. We are all in deep shit.

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  1. Obama is following Uncle Gordy's advice and trying to spend is way out of recession. Problem is that Uncle Gordy is power hungry and is after leadership of the IMF as his next job after we boot him out next year. If that happens, and Uncle Gordy does get to rule the world's finances, then you can kiss goodbye to world economic growth in the future. The man has no academic financial qualifications at all. None. It's like the world being run by Mickey Mouse, although Mickey would do a better job.

    God help us all (and that's a genuine prayer.)