Thursday, March 26, 2009

Birds of a Feather

It seems things are changing times are tough every where. One thing most agree on is we can not keep this spending at the current levels, we do not have any money. But I know one place that seems to always be hiring. I posted this YouTube clip since Daniel sums it all up perfectly. All joking aside it is getting to be silly what these people are doing. The USA is following right in behind, increasing it's debt in 5-6 years as much as it has in 233 years, 43 Presidents. We do not have the money, it can only come from working people and we are taxed enough. It is time to cut programs, do the right thing. Lower taxes and that will infuse equity into this economy. But they like power and doing that does not allow they to tell you how, when and where to spend it.


  1. McDonalds might be doing well, but alas our Queen is broke. I visited Sandringham (her favourite home) a few months ago, and it's cold, old and damp, with peeling paint and dilapidated furniture. The poor woman apparently hasn't painted her walls for nearly 20 years and it's driving her nuts. These British palaces ain't cheap to run, ya know :-)

  2. lol .. no they never should have agreed to pay taxes. Should have kept a stiff upper lip and said no. They are Royals and thus exempt. Works that way here for the politicians and diplomats till they get nominated for something.