Thursday, March 5, 2009

This is Insane - Time for a Tea Party

Pictures are from a better time. While on a trip to Washington DC walking down the Mall. Took this picture of a man reaching for a friend. The other picture is a reflection of a couple people near me.

I can not believe our country has fallen further under Obama than it did under GB in one 1/2 year or less. The markets are rocking since they see no leadership. All they hear about is massive government spending and higher taxes on the "rich". That is going to pay for it all, or most of it. It is insane, he has no clue how economics works. They are winging it which makes the whole process gyrate downward. The man of "Hope" and "Change" has turned to doom and gloom.

Now the new insane idea Obama has while we are in the middle of a major crisis in the markets and banks. We can fix it by reforming health care *huh? is this a man who has a clue as to what is happening on main street America, or some out of touch Narcissistic Socialist who wants to use a crisis to advance a political agenda. It seems that is what is happening, all the while our country and International markets look to the USA for some guidance in this time of economic uncertain times.

The cure, huge tax credits for small companies and individuals. Kennedy used it in the 60's, Reagan used it in the 80's, It worked after 9/11. People and companies spend money and create jobs. Not the government, it has been proven by history. Look at Japan as a perfect example. I fear Obama's "Change" is not what most people had expected. The back lash is beginning, the tax payers and voters are starting grass root efforts to have real "Change" for everyone, our kids deserve it, it is not fair to let this happen to them. Historic times, which I hope turn out well for all.


  1. I agree with everything you say. Exactly the same is happening over here. Gordon Brown (our chancellor for 10 years before he became PM) abolished the very fiscal rules which could have saved us, and now he's preaching recovery by bailing out the banks and the car companies, all the while raising taxes so that ordinary people can't afford to eat. This is madness! Why should our kids have to pay for our government's mistakes? The sooner we get this idiot out of office, the better.

    Like you I believe the answer lies in lowering taxes. It's the only way.

  2. It is getting scary Lin this Pres and his staff are ruthless. They are using all this to put social agendas. They in the end want National Health Care, why? Rahm was heard to have said, why waist a good crisis. The markets seems to be a bell weather, they do not like anything they are hearing.

  3. What he does is absolutely terrifying....