Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Winter of 2009 - Vote Denied

Well the weather liars got the forecast wrong and instead of a dusting to a inch of snow, we got 8" all during the rush hour. It took me over 2+ hours to get home last night in white out conditions. I was wanting to get home to vote on a local bond issue and did not think I would make it, but I got in the door before 7:30. I was told I was to late. The law is you have to be there in the door before 7:30 but the poll workers wanted to get home and started to close up the polling places before 7:30. I told them I wanted to vote, I was told they were closed. I should have called the board of elections right then, but I was so tired and frustrated I just went home. I called Judy at the board and lodged a complaint but by then my only option was to drive to Batavia and vote. Not something I wanted to do in bumper to bumper traffic. She said they should have called her and asked and it was not right what happened, she was nice as could be, and will tell the poll workers how they had failed to perform their duties that snowy day. I know working the voting poll locations is a thankless job, my Mother did it for well over 30 years. I guess we chalk it up to "White Death Syndrome" ... so it goes.


  1. You Americans are of stronger stock than us Brits. We get 2 inches of snow and the entire country grinds to a halt.

    England: the laughing stock of the world :-)

  2. "England: the laughing stock of the world :-)" rubbish. Our news media and other sources already tell us we are the problem of the world, hated and disliked. *grin ... so

    Brits are good people, the few I have known were very well manor fellows. My Mom's side of the family is all UK ..