Tuesday, February 10, 2009

We Pray

We pray people come to their senses before they pass this pork bloated horrid spending bill. Government spending helps little, private sector spending brings good jobs and employment. This bill will not bring us jobs or the desired effect to improve jobs or liquidity. Elections have consequential outcomes.

It is a bad bill and it needs to start over, but that will not happen. Nancy and Harry will not let their egos allow that. This will lay on the backs of our children if we do not do something. Steve Forbes keeps pointing out, change the market to market guidelines. That will quickly open up cash flow. Pass a bill full of direct tax relief to people and small businesses. They will spend it, at some point people need new cars and new appliances. Jobs will follow.

The money flow issue was not addressed today with enough detail. Lets face it they really do not know what to do. They need to look at history, JFK, 1960 big problems in the economy. Huge tax relief, things got much better. RR, early 80s after Jimmy Carter the worse president we have ever had left us with high 10%+ unemployment, double digit interest rates and a economy as bad if not worse that what we now face. Solution tax cuts.

Roosevelt tried government spending, WPA, etc. They did little to bring the economy out of the depression. WWII did that will all the jobs and allied counties coming together in a time of war. Japan spent 10 years in the 90s trying the same. Did not work, till it let the markets open. I pray we do not fall victum to history.