Monday, February 2, 2009

Perintown Ohio - U.S. 50

Back in 1880 or so the town was one of the biggest cities in the area with a large population and busy industry. It was a major producer of yeast, flower, lumber and spirits. The town had it's own rail station and was a stop for many people heading east from Cincinnati on stage coaches before the trains. This is one of the last old house left from that era in the town and I fear it will soon be torn down. So I ventured out one morning and captured a few pictures of it in the morning fog.


  1. This old house has now been torn down.

  2. I know so has the barn and the other one next to this house. I was sadden to see it when I drove home one night. I live not far from Perintown.

  3. Would you know about an old schoolhouse and were those records might be?