Monday, March 30, 2009

GM: Government Motors - What Next

It has started, the government is telling private industry directly what they want done. The man of hope and change is offering a huge change. He seems to want large government and control of all major industries, health, environment and financial part of the American economy and how we live our lives. They feel government knows best and can help you make the right choices. You become dependent on the government since they begin to control your choices.

Some might feel that is fine and the kind of change we need. Greedy free market money hog corporations and just keeping the common man down. It is what most progressive IE: liberals have wanted for some time, make you feel entitled and lacking in personal responsibility. I had hoped for more of what Obama said while campaigning in a moderate tone. He has turned out to be a man of deeds not words. His deeds prior to this and the Chicago politics culture he comes from, the people have been duped.

It is time to stop the spending, it is money we do not have and we do not need a huge government. Put money in people's pockets and they will spend it, thus making jobs. People of the world put us in this economic crisis with one common thread, greed. 95% of the world is responsible, and we can also change it. We need less government in our lives. That is what America was supposed to be all about. Our balance of government is out of balance and the people need to tell the leaders, politicians, enough is enough. We do not want to live in a socialist country.


  1. I just heard Obama say the Federal Government now backs your GM Warranty. I'm waiting on the mandate or at least a tax break for buying a Chevy.

  2. We are now in the automotive business. Ford has not taken a dime. Proves free markets can work.

  3. But these industries are asking for tax payer money to help them out. Don't you think there should be some intervention on how it is spent?
    Clearly they have done a poor job in the past. And now THEY want our money. THEY are asking for it. We would not be in the situation we are in if the auto industries and the banks had not screwed it up in the first place.

  4. Let them fail, or go bankrupt. GM and Chrysler have been poorly managed and some of the worse productive U.A.W workers. Like them or not Ford has not taken a dime. I have directly worked with all three in the past.

    They want control, they are not allowing some banks that were forced to take TARP money to return it. Why? We both know.