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Saturday, February 14, 2009

22 years - Happy Valentines

Over 22 years ago Min and I got married. We have been together since 1984, but tied the knot for a washer and dryer on Valentine's day 1987. Bliss ever since ... * I know she reads this blog.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Deja Vu All Over Again

Well we had high winds and rain last night and just like in September when Ike hit the area we lost power around 8:30PM. Now the road is closed since a huge tree in the Cincinnati Nature Center fell across Tealtown road closing it last night and most of today. It is laying over the power lines and the pole needs to be replaced. We hope they are able to get power back on faster than last time. We will have to stay some where if it is not one tonight, just to cold to sleep in the house. Was wonderful taking a luke warm shower and did not shave today since I really do not care what I look like at work. This comes after a day of talking to my Lawyer about the law suit. Seems all the ducks are in a row, we just need to tie up a few details before he files the paper work.

Min was not happy this morning and none of use are looking forward to coming home if they do not restore power by then. Last night I did not get much sleep with the howling winds and trucks looking over the damage. Lots of flashing lights make for little sleep. I think we are going to look into a generator for the house. Either a small one for lights or what some neighbors have that power up when power goes off. Pricey but worth the money in the long run, perhaps. At least we lost no trees and from what I saw the roof is intact as well as the gutters. We are thankful for some of our blessings.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Tealtown - Winter 2009

Well this morning I was getting my son up so he could go to practice at school. He looked out the window and asked me how he was going to get out of the drive way. Puzzled I looked out the window to see my car that was parked in the drive way had slide down about 50' nearly into the road. The ice and frozen over night and early morning thaw made is slippery enough for the car to start down the slope on it's own. I guess salting the end of the driveway was a good idea or the car would have ended up in the road. This week end is going to be warm and by end most of the snow and ice will have melted. Now we will be dealing with mud for a few days as the ground will be soft and wet and a total mess. Oh the joys of winter in the Ohio Valley.