Sunday, October 19, 2008

Strickland Asks Court To Restore Ohio Grocery Tax

Our benevolent Governor now wants us to pay tax on the food we buy at the grocery store. He is not happy enough with the fact we are one of the highest taxed states in the Union. Now he feels the need to raise our taxes further. People can not afford to go out to eat, where we are taxed, now he wants to do it to us at our own dinner table. He and the others just do not get it, when you raise taxes it gives you only a short income infusion till people start to move to other places where it is job friendly and cheaper to live.

He is showing he is no better than the last slug we had as Governor. He and the rest who got voted in do to the incompetence of the State of Ohio government are showing change is not always a good thing. Our Secretary of State does not seem to care about 200,000 registered voters who's names do not match SS numbers or drivers license information, hell just let anyone vote. Vote twice, three times might as well who cares. We would not want to be sure who you are and keep the state from having a honest election. We would not want to disfranchise anyone, we even let the dead folks vote.


  1. Sounds like Chicago. Vote early, vote often.

  2. yeah, even the dead will vote this year ...

  3. Minnesota has a strange set of taxes when it comes to food item.
    Bread is not taxed unless it is made in the grocery store, then it is taxed. The rule is: If it is made in house, and contains more than three ingredients, it is taxed.
    Water is not taxed if you buy it in gallon jugs, but is taxed if you buy it in smaller containers, as is fruit juices.
    Candy bars are taxed, unless you buy a box of them, then they are not taxed.
    Go figure. Some idiot got a position to make up tax laws in this state. Probably going to run for president some day.