Sunday, October 5, 2008

Pumpkin Run 2008

You can see some very fine vintage cars from all of the way back to the Teens. From early days to 70s cars and trucks of every make and model you can think of ... it was there. Some pictures later to follow, tired and did not want to take them off the flash card tonight.

We worked the Ham & Cheese and Chicken sandwich booth at the Pumpkin Run to get some money for the band and year end dinner. The band always needs money, seem the way of school bands. Min put in some long hours both Saturday and Sunday, her main support for the band. It was very busy this year because of the nice weather. We were selling out of food since it was about 3 times the average for the show. Odd for such a poor economy, or is it as bad as some say. This one taken a couple years ago there.

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  1. The economy is only bad if you listen to the press. I imagine most folk still have electricity, video games, computers etc...