Monday, October 6, 2008


The guy was fun to photograph, I will share a few more later, still editing old folders, so much stuff that I like still needs resizing and a PS touch ups. I will have much to look over this winter when the snow is blowing.

That is when this place is cold, Lakeside in late winter is brutal. I have been there for short periods and the Lake winds can be strong and icy. Min's Grand Father ( Al ) Albert Kelso, and he lovely wife Mary Kelso ( Sowash ) who lived in Lakeside and Later Island View took many pictures of the lake front where ice coated the shoreline. Al Kelso was a good photographer, I have much of his work. More time to scan and touch up, time I do not have right now. Time to get off here for the evening.


  1. We never have the time and then it's gone. Sad part of life.

  2. Sadly it is true, in more ways than one.