Monday, December 22, 2008

Reflections of Christmas 2008

Well 2008 is almost gone and Christmas time is here again. Always a fun time and this year do to vacation rules I have two weeks off to enjoy the season. The new rule at work is use it or lost it, so I had 6 days left and I am burning them before they are gone. We will spend a little time at Grand Ma's place on Christmas Eve sharing gifts and watching Grand Ma eat. We will head over to Min's Father's house to spend Christmas day with Martha and him. The boys get lots of gifts and it is always a good time to sit around and enjoy time with Grand Pa.
It is always a good time of year to reflect back on what has happened or not happened as we get close to News years and the changing of the year. 2008 was fun and seems we made it through with a few scratches but no major bruises. New Years will be a quiet one again this year. Till then Min has me cleaning and getting the basement cleared out. Bought a Hoover vacuum to clean the floor and cob webs in the ceilings. I like the Gothic look but it did need some major dusting so the dust do not get on the film slides. Plan on scanning and going through a lot of the old pictures I have not touched in 10 years.

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