Saturday, December 6, 2008

Current Events

Economy in Crisis, a article written by Ty for the school news paper pretty well explains the current state of affairs. Grand Pa who is a well known Bond Fund manager reads the news and gives his thoughts about the news to Ty while we were enjoying Thanks Giving together at his house. The Christmas Holidays are not far away and I have some vacation time to burn, likely will use it between Christmas and New years. Use it or lose it, and I can use a vacation after this year's events.


  1. I really like this portait. I'd rather like to meet your Grand Pa too. We'd sure have a lot to talk about.

  2. Too bad they won't pay you for the unused vacation. You could buy a new toy.

  3. I prefer the time off, and need the money for Ty's college ed coming up end of next year. But we have some new rules that may allow me to get paid for a couple days. The change is a double edged knife. They reduced amount of paid vacation days. *shrug ... I am not going to bitch till after my year end bonus ..