Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas with Grand Ma

We spent Christmas eve afternoon with Grand Ma in the nursing home. She wanted Chinese for dinner so Min brought dinner and we gathered with Jim and part of his family. To say it was enjoyable is a double edge sword, in ways it is since we spend time with Grand Ma. But in some ways it is not, since nursing homes are depressing places and there is not much we can do other than talk while Grand Ma enjoys dinner. We have a few laughs and exchange gifts with her and talk about what the we all hope Christmas will bring. I feel for Min as she gets a bit depressed seeing her mom this way and there is nothing she can do to change how life is for Grand Ma. So goes Christmas Eve 2008 with Grand Ma. Merry Christmas ...


  1. You're right. Those are depressing places, and I have seen too many of them. But think of the joy you brought to Grand Ma! Talking and laughing are the greatest gifts you can give to someone, especially an elderly parent.

  2. These series - conveys it all - beautiful and well-done series - even if the subject is incredibly difficult - it is true.