Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Well I got a email last night, and I have to go to a meeting today with Infragard and the agent at the FBI. It should be a interesting meeting and I am sure there will be lots of questions. I will be wireless for awhile today since you have to leaves electronic devises at the check in. Not sure all what will come from the meeting. Time will tell. Should only last about one hour I was told. I am not sure if I have the option of stopping the process at this point, we will see.

Just more time away from my job and expense of time is important to me. Which is a good reminder to get somethings done soon on the home front before winter begins to set in here soon. Rob is going to paint the house so that is another expense I need to handle. Need to get things done but time always seems limited. The book was a good news flash in what has been not the best month. But there is always something that needs attention, reminds me, I need to have that blood work up done. Vampires.

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