Sunday, September 7, 2008

Let the Music Play

It seems the smear has stopped, not sure if the lawyer talked to Google yet or not. It could have been the FBI and Infragard, I sent them the logs from my websites. When I talked to the Agent he felt it was clearly a hate issue and he would look into the matter.

All just goes to show how one insecure person will go to stop or try to hold onto control of a site and the people who use it. I had a admirer from some little town called Surrey in Canada visiting my site repeatedly and the about me pages quite a bit. Also someone from Irvine and West Hollywood, "Maywood" seemed to also enjoy my work. All right around the time the smear blog began, interesting timing.

I will email the 40+ people who contacted me and let them know there is a place where they can meet old friends from photoSIG. Some of the ban or people who have left photoSIG are gathering at Flicker Ex-Siggers hang out and picture exchange and conversation. Not a replacement but a place where some can meet others since they are no longer allowed on photoSIG. For some a replacement since they are ban, others a place where you can speak freely and without interruption.


  1. I am sorry that you got to deal with forum yuck. I've done it more than once in the past - mostly on poetry forum - which is by the time you got to know me you found that I am non-committal about issues - not worth my time or energy.

    I am glad that you are blogging!!

    Do you get my message about all that is going on with my photography?

  2. I am done dealing with the issue, let the site members be their own judge. It was all a sad mistake that should never have happened. Me for being childish, another person for over reacting and accusing the wrong person and posting a link to a test website.

    Sad thing Gary Petersen got caught in the middle and was not treated fairly. But it is just a digital photo website and in real life does not really mean as much as some value it as, based on the attacks.

    Live and learn, Onwards ...