Monday, September 8, 2008

The business of the faith

I was honored to have one of my pictures chosen for a limited edition of Author: Mara Einstein's Book that is to be released in Italy. The publisher found my picture on a website I often post to. The book is written of course in Italian. I guess I need to learn to read Italian in order to fully appreciate the book. Of course I could always just buy the English version which is most likely what I will do. Different cover but same basic words and meaning. For my friends who speak and read Italian you can find out more about the book and purchase it here.

I can not pay any bills with the income but it does look nice of the coffee table and in the book case. It was a nice surprise to find the copies in the mail box. Mara Einstein is teaching of Average Studies to the Queens College di New York and university professor to the business school of the New York University. Before teaching it has worked to the executive marketing for the NBC, MTV and for numerous advertising agencies. Maybe someday I will get to meet her.

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  1. Can I admit to being completely jealous? Congratulations!!