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Monday, April 20, 2009

Life Changes - Fluffytek

Every now and then you get to meet some very nice people on the Internet. That happen Summer last year when I became friends with Lin and Rich of Fluffytek. At the time I was having problems with a site administrator who was looking for a fall guy. The person messed up and provided personal information attacking the wrong person. Lin and Rich both have dealt with the problem person before. At a time I needed some moral support they were there for help. I will always appreciate them for that genuine help. Lin and Rich are what I call good people, you feel they are being honest in the friendship.

When I had time to look through blogs and I always go to Fluffytek first, you see a link on your right to the blog. I was sadden in one way but happy in another when I read Lin's update on life in their world. I know the photography blog was becoming time consuming and tough enough when healthy. But sick and fighting health issues and putting it together takes time and effort. Rich is wise in helping to correct direction back on course to fun. I will miss seeing his photography of Lin and the other models. The poses, light and creative works of photography art have been a inspiration. I have no doubt he will do as well in the new medium.

One less burden for Lin, a well needed rest and I am sure will return from time to time to keep in touch with the blog who are also friends. Lin is not only a beautiful woman on the out side, she is rare that it is also inside of her as well. As mention Lin is good people and has a loving devoted hubby and wonderful kids. I hope that remains the focus. It is how things in life happen, and how we absorb and deal with them that makes life. I hope it turns out the best for both of them.

Monday, April 6, 2009

The Piano Player - Megan Moore

Chris Moore has a devoted wife and Assistant Director of the show Grease. It was the Clermont Northeastern High School 2009 production show held at Krueger Auditorium at U.C. Clermont. April 3 and 4th. It was a great show and all the hard work showed in the quality of the performances. The whole cast did a super job.