Friday, January 2, 2009

Cleaning Out

We did a lot of cleaning over the past couple weeks, all kinds of cleaning. My lab ceiling needed a lot of dust and cob web removed and the up stairs laundry room and pantry needed cleaning. I also did some website cleaning and updating. Yearly updates and copyright crap and etc needed changes.

Still more to do but we have all week end, the hall closet will be 1 hour at least. I cleaned up some old photos and found this film shot off the deck of our old house on Collins. I use to love that river view. Val Lemming hauled it all away ... so much for Cincinnati, Ohio zoning regulations.


  1. Sounds like the same sort of stuff that I am doing.

  2. A beautiful view. I don't know who Val Lemming is, but if he had any part in destroying this scene, we should hang him up by his thumbs.

  3. Val was a she, and after a long protracted zoning hearings with community input that would limit building heights. She then allowed devolving of high rise building, against the agreement. She moved into one of the high rises. This was not what all agreed on, one reason we moved out of the city.