Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday Night Glow - Balluminaria Balloon Glow

Balluminaria - Eden Park Balloon Glow Cincinnati Ohio. A cold night and the Mirror lake was frozen this year. I think my feet are still frozen. I took both my D200 and used a 18-200mm vr lens on it and put the D300 with the Sigma 10-20 mm and on a tripod. The D200 did well and what picture the D300 took were all excellent. Only problem twice it would not click, no shutter, I tried refocus and miss many good shots. I do not know if it was the cold or the light and camera settings or something else. There was a bit of a brezze and the lake was frozen so the mirror effect was different this time.


  1. A frozen lake is cool but a frozen camera is not.

  2. Saw this on your other account a few days ago. A really breathtaking shot.

  3. Lin this was taken last night, same place as the one you saw, but it was taken last year.