Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Thomas Honerlaw - R.I.P

A very old friend of mine died yesterday. Tom Honerlaw :ie Nate was one of the Jr DBs and a close friend back when I was younger. I was friends with his older brother Bob and helped coach Tom in basket ball when he was going to St. Johns Church. Of all the DBs he was the most gentle kind soul you could ever meet. A very nice person who would do anything in the world to help you out. I spent many a wild night out with Nate and the gang and have some fond memories of those nights. We had so much fun I can not recall all the details.

Fred as I most often called him would come to the store visiting me and we all played ball with the gang. Tom worked and saved to buy the first house of who was in the group. He was a good man who worked hard and played hard in his younger years. We kept in touch and went out on dates when he met Connie and I was seeing Mary. Tom married Connie and Mary and I never got married and split. After that I would see Nate at some of the softball games. But after I stopped playing we saw less of each other. I kept tabs on him via Harry who I saw more often.

Tom died from what seems a combination of heart attack and then car accident. I do not know much of really what has happened. That part is not important, Tom's loss is what is really is important, we will miss him. I feel very sorry for his loss to his son Kyle Honerlaw and Connie Honerlaw. You have my deepest sympathy, I know it is not easy.

Nate, take care buddy and you will be missed but not some forgotten.
A man like you is not forgotten easily. Sleep well friend.

From Kyle: "The visitation is on sunday the 27th at Vorhis and Ryan funeral home in norwood, 5501 Montgomery Rd. It is 2-5pm and the funeral will be monday the 28th at the Church of the Nativity. The mass will start at 10am."


  1. Tom was a great man. He was exceptionally nice and thoughtful,decent, level-headed, and mature at an early age. He had a great sense of humor, and had a way about him that made you at ease when talking to him. He was the kind of person you felt you had known for a long time, even the first time you met him. I can't think of any negative attributes he had. I can picture his genuine smile and quick laugh, and easy demeanor. He will be greatly missed. My prayers are with his lovely wife and fine young son, his brothers, and parents.

  2. Anonymous you said it perfectly.

  3. I was a senior DB and a friend of Bob’s, but that's not how I met Nate. I met him first, I think, while attending Webelow meetings in his basement as his dad was our bucket wielding leader. Nate and I became good friends when I coached him in basketball at St. John's. Later he coached with me for several years.

    He was a very kind and gentle person, as Denny stated, but also a fierce competitor. I'll never forget how hard he worked to make Pat Murray a better player. And, how hard he played basketball at the Lutheran Church.

    Sadly, I had not seen him for many years.

    Good bye Nate I was/am very fond of you.

    Rick W

  4. Will you jogged my memory when Joe Black mentioned Nate coached him at St. Johns. That must of been after left as your assistant coach and I took over the Green Machine. Many good times together and fond memories will keep him with us for I hope many years to come.

    We all have to get together this spring, I do not want to all meet again next time under the same situation.

  5. I don't think Joe Black played for me. Seems like Nate left and coached in the younger division. I don't think Nate coached with me until the end which was 1976. I think Pat Murray ended up helping me my last year.

    I'm not sure though, that was a long time ago. I think I still have papers and rosters from those years in my parents basement unless mom has thrown them out.


  6. Knowing your Mom they are likely in West Virgina with my leather flip flops ...

  7. Ok. It's been 40 years get over the fact that she gave your dirty, old, beaten flip flops to the West Virginia Relief fund already!

  8. I went to grade and high school with Tom.I remember his sense of humor and quick smile.I considered him a good friend at that time.I live in another state now and had no idea Tom had passed until I got the Moeller newsletter tonight.Then I looked him up on the net and came to this site.I only saw him once since high school but it saddened me to hear of this.Tom was a competitor as RW mentioned.By the way if RW ever sees this,The Blacks beat the Golds in the 1972 intramural championship.Remember??