Monday, September 7, 2009

Tyler's trip to OU for College

The van was on loan from Frank & Cindy a kind thing for them to do. Lots of room for the move and ride in real comfort. We headed out early to get in line to unload the college dorm room furnishings and supplies.

Got to the Jeff and it was well organized and were unload and I was parked in about one hour. Forth floor all steps and my back is feeling it. The room has no A/C but seems nice for the two guys. The dorm is a short walk from downtown Athens.

Mother and Son as he heads of to his first year of college. One of life's defining moments in time. A real memory.

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  1. Dennis, these are beautiful photographs - as you say, this was a huge occasion. Good luck to Ty. I'm sure he will enjoy himself thoroughly :-)

    In many ways the photos remind me of when I first went to university - heck, even the rooms are the same!

    (And thanks for your comments about our new little movie adventure - you're very kind, considering how newbie we are! And yes, my health is improving thanks!)