Friday, January 23, 2009

Brain Metal Worker

Just working and living life. Brain :IE Brian called brain as a company inside joke, Sharon cannot spell, he is fixing a part for a welding manipulator.

People from Surrey British Columbia seem to be interested in this blog. They try to hide behind ip stealth sites. Put a period and move on is how I feel about life. The pound of flesh was delivered, understandings requests broken, but the sS admin got your wish. Not what we always want in life but what we learn to live with, it is after all not real life. There are lots of cyberspace hang outs these days.

I have t start gathering Anderson Ferry pictures for the autumn showing. All the prep stuff needs to be done on the house so Rob cab start the gutter and repair work. We had some yard work this spring that needs to get done. The old bronco will be gone before summer. The lab in the basement is next on the list, the gagrage as well. I think I will neeed a dumpster.


  1. If Sheena had a life of her own she wouldn't be bothered by you Dennis. Let's see her man up and admit it.

  2. I do not think she has enough class to at least apologize to Robert. I don't expect one, just leave me in peace. Cal boy is back as well, they do need to get a life.

  3. I wouldn't worry about anyone from Surrey Mr. Fishit.I live in BC also and Surrey and it's people are regarded with just a bit of amusement by the rest of the population.It's been that way for many a year now.The term "trailer trash" was invented just for Surrey by the knobs in Vancouver a few years back.I'm enjoying your blog which is why I have a link to you. cjg of eroticalee

  4. Anonymous, I know little about Surrey other than traffic problems with people driving SUVs all over the place and then complaining about traffic congestion. The problem is Cal Boy and Surrey girl have in the past set up or allowed others to lie and slander of my character. They snoop around here through proxy websites. Maybe the knobs in Vancouver have it right. Thanks for the link, I will have to check out cjg of eroticalee.

  5. I read about this blog in a forum post on photosig. Sheena claims your are harassing her and posting slanderous things about her in your blog. She has a whole forum post naming you but I see nothing in your blog that is slander. There must be more to the story than what she is talking about. What blog url where she is claiming your have posts that slander her?

  6. Anonymous there is nothing here slandering her nor any where on the blogs that I know of that belong to me. Sheena is referring to a website that has some factual information about how she has slandered another person about 1 year ago now. If you want to see it just do a quick search and you will find it.

    She is having some control issues and is acting odd of late. I am no longer on photoSIG. My account was deleted by Del since I would not leave a group on Flickr and close down a website with factual information. Not for harassing anyone on the site as she has posted in my once deleted site bio.

    The site bothers Sheena since it tells of her poor behavior and lack of accepting personal responsibility. I believe she needs help from a Doctor. She is seems is stalking me.