Monday, November 3, 2008

Character Matters

That is what matters more to me than the words I hear. Words that are spoken stir the heart but in the end the promises are seldom kept. It is deeds that matter most to me, what a man has done, not what he says he will do. That is where we stand this election eve 2008, we have two good men. One is a man of proven deeds, the other is a man who promises change, but has shown no deeds to prove he can or will. The other has proven he can and has reached to others to forge a common good.

One man can tell you he sat in a church for over 20 years and never heard a sermon. Can you with a straight face tell me this man is telling the truth? Character, it shows in so many ways as to what is said in private, and what is said in speeches.

I believe in balance and if one party controls everything, it is not a good thing. No matter which party, total control is by itself bad. Republican and Democrats have proven that to be true for the last 20 years. There must be balance, one man has been that over his time working with all parties. A bridge, often scorned by his own party, but always willing to do what is best for the country. He offers real proven change. Deeds, they mean alot as well as a man's character.

The picture is of a man I highly respect, Jack Schroeder, he was my boss for almost 10 years. He taught be making a profit was not a bad thing. It is needed to make the world go round. I often think of Jack and what he would do. I also think of my parents, what they had taught me and what they would think of the Character issue.

It is not the words that stir me it is the deeds .. there is no contest once you look at that side of the two choices.

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